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Garden Plant of the Week

Quaking Aspen

Quaking Aspen
Populus tremuloides Michx.

Quaking Aspen is is considered the most widely distributed aspen in North America. The wood is light, soft and with straight grain. It is a most important timber tree, providing wood for particleboard, pulp, boxes, crates, building studs and it is the preferred species for oriented strandboard. For wildlife it is a valuable browse and shelter tree. In Minnesota it is of particular importance for Ruffled Grouse. Aspen is well suited for erosion control. Within Minnesota it occupies more forest land than any other species and is found in all counties except for those of the SW section of the State.


Ecological Note

Aspen Groves: "Some of the lower mountains are covered with them, giving rise to remarkable beautiful effects in general views - waving, trembling masses of pale, translucent green in spring and summer, yellow and orange in autumn, while in winter, after every leaf has fallen, the white bark of the boles and branches seen in mass seems like a cloud of mist that has settled close down on the mountain, conforming to all its hollows and ridges like a mantle, yet roughened on the surface with innumerable ascending spires." John Muir from Steep Trails, 1918

A Seasonal Poem

A poet's cat, sedate and grave
As poet well could wish to have,
Was much addicted to inquire
For nooks to which she might retire,
And where, secure as mouse in chink,
She might repose, or sit and think.
I know not where she caught the trick--
Nature perhaps herself had cast her
In such a mould philosophique,
Or else she learn'd it of her master.
Sometimes ascending, debonair,
An apple-tree or lofty pear,
Lodged with convenience in the fork,
She watch'd the gardener at his work;
Sometimes her ease and solace sought
In an old empty watering-pot;
There, wanting nothing save a fan
To seem some nymph in her sedan,
Apparell'd in exactest sort,
And ready to be borne to court.

Taken from "The Retired Cat" by
William Cowper, English (1731 - 1800)

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Winter Scenes

Winter on violet way

Photos: Contempory and historical winter views of the Garden.