Friends of the Wild Flower Garden
Upland Hillside

Views of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

The Friends of the Wild Flower Garden, Inc was founded for those who are interested in promoting and perpetuating this one remaining area so close to a busy metropolis. This bit of wilderness provides a place to get away from the pressure of city living. The right to enjoy plants and animals in their native habitat. We should exert every effort to preserve these natural conditions as a rest center for those who need them. Here can be seen in season practically all native flowers of Minnesota. Here it is a pleasure to follow the trails through the Reserve, some of them ancient Indian trails. We are most grateful to those who have given of their time and skill to insure a successful garden. What a beautiful heritage to leave to the coming generation. Former Curator Martha Crone

Historical Photo in text: Eloise Butler and Friends by the new bird bath in 1917. Photo top of page: The Upland Garden on July 30, 1950, from a Kodachrome taken by Martha Crone. Both photos Martha Crone Collection, MHS.

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