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Spring 2021

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Summer issue in July

A tale from the Garden

Eloise Butler gets stranded in Wisconsin, hitch-hikes on a rail handcar, begs for funds. Article.


A tale of how it came into the Wildflower Garden.

Read Article Here.

Garden Plant of the Week

Selected from the many species in, or historical to, the Garden.

Thyme-leaf Speedwell

Can you identify this small Early Summer flowering plant?

Link on name goes to more information and photos of this plant.

The Flowers of Early Summer

A set of thumbnail photos of the early Summer plants with links to identification pages.
Photo page

Prairie Rose

A Seasonal Poem

And now, in the heat of June,
With her sudden life and light,
With the fullness of her noon,
With the silence of her night,
The rosebud loosens her outer dress
And blushes in fainting loveliness;
Nor opens her heart to the common air,
Nor shows you her inmost light,
But leaves you to dream what is hidden there
With the dews of the falling night.


Taken from The Rose by
Dora Read Goodale (1866 - 1915)


“They then halted for dinner; Captain Lewis, who had been for some days afflicted with dysentery, was now attacked with violent pains, attended by a high fever, and was unable to go on. He therefore camped for the night under some willow-boughs. Having brought no medicine, he determined to try an experiment with the small twigs of the choke-cherry, which being stripped of their leaves and cut into pieces about two inches long, were boiled in pure water, till they produced a strong black decoction of an astringent bitter taste; a pint of this he took at sunset, and repeated the dose an hour afterward. By ten o'clock he was perfectly relieved from pain, a gentle perspiration ensued, his fever abated, and in the morning he was quite recovered.”
William Clark, June 11, 1805, History of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Plant Photo ID Guide
Note Cards

Downloadable PDF format books.

The Wild Botanic Garden
1907-1933. Companion book to The Wild Gardener
This Satisfying Pursuit
Martha Crone and the Wild Flower Garden
The Native Plant Reserve
1933-1958. Companion book to the Crone History

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