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Front gate in winter

Now in our 67th year - Dedicated to Protecting, Preserving and Promoting
The interests of The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary


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Fall 2018

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MORE PHOTOS from the Oct. 26 Volunteer Appreciation Event.

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Garden Plant of the Week

Selected from the many species in, or historical to, the Garden.

Enchanter's Nightshade

Enchanter's Nightshade
Circaea lutetiana ssp. canadensis

Click link on name for information and photos of this plant.

Birding in Martha Crone's Time

Read Martha's notes about various birds in the Garden; about those who came for birding, like Thomas S. Roberts; about unusual bird events such as the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, the Western Tanager and the Cooper's Hawk. Article.

Blue gray gnatcatcher alder flycatcher

A Seasonal Poem

In winter in the woods alone
Against the trees I go.
I mark a maple for my own
And lay the maple low.

At four o’clock I shoulder axe
And in the afterglow
I link a line of shadowy tracks
Across the tinted snow.

I see for Nature no defeat
In one tree’s overthrow
Or for myself in my retreat
For yet another blow.

In Winter Woods Alone by
Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)


"The Wildflower Garden is more than a remnant of what Wirth Park used to be. It is different geographically. It also has a transcendental spirit. Has Wirth Park been lost to invasive plants and a labyrinth of eroded trails made by kids and young adults on expensive mountain bikes? Maybe, but I trust the Garden. Yes, it’s being squeezed by a consumer-oriented world, but in the end there will always be the Garden. The Garden is non-materialistic. It is a humble, modest place, unaffected by affluence.

Much like the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, the beauty of the Wildflower Garden is found in the imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent. Indeed, it is just this discovery of truth in the inconspicuous that comforts us with the calculus of nature that surpasses mathematics and man.” Former Gardener Cary George.

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Eloise Butler Book
Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden Plant Photo ID Guide
Note Cards

Downloadable PDF format books.

The Wild Botanic Garden
1907-1933. Companion book to The Wild Gardener
This Satisfying Pursuit
Martha Crone and the Wild Flower Garden
The Native Plant Reserve
1933-1958. Companion book to the Crone History