Within the Garden Gate

Vi Labelle

from "50 Years of Friends", April 2002.


The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden
gives hope, inspiration and cheer,
with Nature’s splendor all around
to see and touch and hear.

The Garden is a sanctuary
for the many birds we see;
we hear throughout the woodland
their song and melody.

And if the winds are not so gentle
nor the sky as blue and fair,
our spirit is uplifted as
blossom fragrace fills the air.

No matter how downhearted
and discouraged we may be,
new hope is born when we behold
leaves building on a tree.

Or when we see the wildflowers
push their heads up through the sod,
and open wide in glad surprise
their petaled eyes to God.

So we honor the Friends of the Garden
for your work and love help create
a garden filled with beauty
within the Garden gate.