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The Author: John J. Moriarty is senior manager of wildlife for Three Rivers Park District. He was a natural resources manager for Ramsey County Parks and Hennepin Parks, as well as a community faculty member at Metropolitan State University. He has written five books on Minnesota natural history.

Field Guide to the Natural World of the Twin Cities

Author: John J. Moriarty. 2018

book cover Natural WorldAn illustrated guide to the natural habitats and rich diversity of wildlife in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

John J. Moriarty is a congenial expert on the remarkable diversity of plants and animals in the region’s habitats, from prairies and savannas to woods and wetlands, to fens and bogs, lakes and rivers, and urban and suburban spots. Featuring remarkable photographs, maps, and commentary on natural history, this field guide invites readers to investigate the Twin Cities’ wildlife.

This easy-to-use guide includes pictures of plants and animals arranged by regional parks, from chipmunks to garter snakes, invasive buck thorn to oak trees. It will enrich your admiration for these creatures and plants that thrive alongside 3 million humans in a ‘mosaic of various ecosystems. 432 pages, 380 color plates. $30. Signed copy.

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Minnesota's Natural Heritage

Authors: John R. Tester, Susan M. Galatowitsch, Rebecca A. Montgomery, and John J. Moriarty. 2021

Heritage book coverThe definitive work on Minnesota’s natural history and ecology—updated, expanded, and copiously illustrated to account for profound changes to the state’s natural landscape over the past twenty-five years.

The second edition of Minnesota’s Natural Heritage introduces readers to the major ecosystems—the lakes and rivers, forests and prairies, farmlands and wetlands—that give our state its rich and varied character and have been profoundly altered in the twenty-five years since the book’s first edition. 496 pages, 257 color plates, $50. Signed copy.

Anyone with a deep affection for Minnesota’s natural resources, highly seasonal and variable climate, diverse ecosystems, and beautiful landscapes should read the second edition of Minnesota’s Natural Heritage. This book chronicles the evolution of our state’s natural systems and the challenges of sustainably managing them in the context of climate change. It should be part of every home reference library. — Mark Seeley, author of Minnesota Weather Almanac.

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Amphibians and Reptiles in Minnesota

Authors: John J. Moriarty and Carol D. Hall. 2014

Book cover for AmphibiansThe most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Minnesota’s reptiles and amphibians.

Amateur and professional alike will find this book a comprehensive source and a user-friendly guide, invaluable for discovering, identifying, and learning about any of Minnesota’s fifty-three amphibian and reptile species from the common American Toad to the little seen Western Ratsnake. This handbook takes readers through the steps for studying these species in the field. 400 pages, 16 b/w photos, 255 color plates. $40. Signed copy.

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