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Please see the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board web site for complete information on the Garden including current operating hours, parking pass information, bus routes, programs offered at the Garden, plant and bird checklists. A locater map is also available on the Parks website. The Wildflower Garden is owned, operated, staffed and maintained by the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board. The Friends of the Wild Flower Garden is an independent private nonprofit organization that provides volunteer and funding support.

Plan of the Garden

The Garden, located within the boundaries of Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a 15 acre site maintained as a wild, naturalistic setting of woodland, wetland, oak savanna and prairie environments, with encircling unimproved pathways and a staffed rustic shelter where educational materials, guidebooks and other assistance can be had. Open April - October but Covid-19 restrictions are keeping the Visitors Shelter closed in 2021.

Garden PLan Man

The unpaved pathways total less than a mile in length and are covered with a cedar chip mulch except for the boardwalk section in the wetland. The paths encircle various parts of the different ecosystems. There is an elevation change of 80 feet between the wetland in the Woodland Garden and the Hills of the Upland Garden. The Garden is maintained in a rustic natual state, per its original charter. Paths are not easily wheel-chair accessible. A series of steps leads from the main (south) parking lot down to the entrance gate. The back gate (north) is at grade level on an old hard surface path from Wirth Beach Parking Lot. More detail is on the "Location/Parking tab"

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