2019 Donations&Memorials

Published in The Fringed Gentian™

Memorials Received
June 2019 - October 2019

for Dorothy Ostrowski from Debra Kildahl.

for Dorothy Homme from John & Joan Haldeman

for Dorothy Gillette from Jerry Smith & Dorothy Fugiel

for Rita Richefort from Monica Marshall.

for Pat Sjoquist from:
Charlotte & Michael Crabtree
Erin Sjoquist

for: Bennett Lauerey Busselman from: Nancy & Gary Busselman.

for: Elizabeth Cristine Higgin from: John & Emily Krumberger

Donations Received in support of our programs
June 2019 - October 2019

Amazon Smile
Elizabeth Anderson
Cindy Angerhofer
Mary Kay Arthur
Margit Berg
Elizabeth Brackett
Sharon Bunnell
Jeffery and Susan Dean
Sandra Dowd
Erickson/Solomonson DAF Fund
Jean Fagerstrom

Ellen Ferrari & Stewart Corn
Linda Fritschel & Jim Kiehne
Leslie Gillette
Clinton Odell
Liz Genovese
Mairead Kerr
Janet R. & Paul Mayer Charitable Fund
Meleah Maynard
Karen Soderberg
Karen Wass
Paul West

Details on how to make a donation or a memorial and what The Friends do with the funds can be found on our Website Support-Us Page

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Memorials published previously this year

for: Bennett Lowry Busselman from: Nancy & Gary Busselman.

for Margaret Setterberg Lanning from LouAnn Lanning.

for Sue Merriman from Ferrand Anderson

for David R. Odlund Sr. from Marguerite Sullivan & David Weiser

for Natalie Titrington Quinn

for Catherine Rudberg from Jim & Cherryl Penkivec; Tamara & Douglas Schlute & friends of Jim Rudberg; Susan Teeter; Audrey Rudberg; Mary Couser; Lynn Sommer; Ruth William; Lois Dick.

for Pat Sjoquist from Adrienne Cummins; Nancy & Phil Tschumperin; Steven Matuszak; Barbara Pappenfus; Michael Hildebrandt; Daniel Jacobson; Amy Pumarlo; Delores & Thomas Scanion; Marguerite Sullivan & David Weiser.

Donations published previously this year

Donna Ahrens
Amazon Smile
Robert Ambler
Michael Anderson
Dorothy Armstrong
Zachary Baker
Colin Bartol
Ivan and Rachel Bialostosky
Deborah Boehm
Boston Scientific
Bob Bowman
Faith Clover
Kathleen Connelly
Maria Eggemeyer
Catherine Fernberg
Meg Forney
J. S. Futcher
Nancy and Jack Garland
Dean Gulstad
Cindy Johnson & Vic Thorstenson
Elizabeth Kreibich

Sylvia Lang
Meleah Maynard
Chris Mansfield
Mendon Schutt Family Fund
Peter Michaud
Paul Mielke
Edith Miller
Donald & Susan Nevin
Diane Newberry
Jim Proctor
Maryellen Skan & Peter Thiel
Ron Spinosa
Susan Warde
Mary Jane Pappas
Musich for Parks
Rare Plant Group, Mary Stanley
Helen Stoerzinger
Joanne Von Blon
Nancy Ward
Pam Weeiner & Jim Wittenberg
Catherine Wilkins

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