2022 Donations&Memorials

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Memorials Received
January 2022 - December 2022

for George Anderson from Steve Benson
for Harriet & Ed Betzold from Barbara Nordley
for Bette Buelow from Joan Haldeman
for Bennett Lauerey Busselman from Nancy & Gary Busselman
for Rob Dewey from Sarah Dewey
for Steve Hanson from Steve Benson
for Virginia King Finlayson from Susan Kornhaber
for Karol Gresser from Pam Weiner
for Helen F. King from Susan Kornhaber
for Barbara Larsen McIntrye from Julie Larsen
for Mary McKill from Mark Huber
for Mervyn Palmer from Elizabeth & Eric Burgeson, Cassandra Gilgenbach, Anna M. Hanson, Katherine Hanson, Diana Lengfeld, Dorothy Limicleu, Paula Monson, Darlene Palmer, Edith Palmer, Shelly Olausen, Donald & Debra Singler, Melinda Winegardner.
for Lynn Pirner from Joan Haldeman
for Natalie Titrington Quinn from John & Carol Quinn.
for Bill Walsh from Joan Haldeman.
for Nancy Miller from Barbara Wojcik



for Elaine Brinda from Marianne Brinda
for Carolyn Brunelle from Christopher Brunelle
for Bruce Jarvis from John Barber
for Ann Lebens from Mary Abbott
for Anna Luckow from Karen Wass
for Connie Smith Birthday from Wendy Hughes and Ann Marie Bailey

Donations Received in support of our programs
January 2022 - December 2022

Bob Ambler
Elizabeth Anderson
Emily Anderson
Janet I. and Dean Anderson
Janet K. Anderson
Michael & Romy Anderson
Cindy Angerhofer
Mary Kay Arthur
John Baker
Candyce Bartol
Scott Beers & Kathryn Sedo
David Bjork
Deborah Boehm
Alan Branhagen
Barbara Broker
Gerald Brownrigg
Alan Claycomb
Kathleen Connelly
Stewart Corn
Amie Jo Digatono
Maria Eggemeyer
Elaine Eschenbacher
Ellen Ferrari
Meg Forney
Gail Fox
Drew Hamre
Barbara Hendrickson

Marjorie Huebner & Jeff Nygaard
Bruce & Alison Jarvis
Sandi Knolls
Peggy Korsmo-Kennon
Elizabeth Kreibich
Dan & Vi La Belle
Anthony La Plante
Susan Makela
Janet Mayer
James McBride
Sylvia McCollor
Heather McQueen
Mendon Schutt Family Fund
Michael Menzel & Kathryn Iverson
Edith Miller
Ruth Miller
Daniel Monson-Bergum
Susan and Douglas Nevin
Jeremy Nichols & Evelyn Turner
Jennifer Olson
John & Carol Quinn
Win & Binky Rockwell
Courtney Salvey
Elizabeth & Stephen Shaffer DAF
Sandra Tekman
Joan Thompson
Susan Warde
Carolyn Sampson
Paul West

Details on how to make a donation or a memorial and what The Friends do with the funds can be found on our Website Support-Us Page

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Grow Your Legacy:

Remember the Garden in Your Estate Plan

Please consider a gift in your estate plan to benefit the Garden. Gifts to Friends of the Wild Flower Garden are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by Minnesota and federal law for gifts to charitable organizations. Friends of the Wild Flower Garden has been approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization since 1953. Gifts can be made through your will, revocable living trust, retirement plan or life insurance. Leave a gift for the Garden in your will or revocable living trust by a provision such as “I give $ to Friends of the Wild Flower Garden, Inc., to benefit the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden.” Or name Friends of the Wild Flower Garden as a beneficiary of a portion of your life insurance or retirement account.

If you have questions, please at email us. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission to preserve and protect the Garden!