2019 Membership information

Published in The Fringed Gentian™

Autumn 2019 VOL. 67 No. 3



Laura Kennedy
Ruth Lindh
Karen McCall
Amanda Meents
Patricia Samson


Lisa Novak

SPONSORS - new or step-up

Toni Beitz
Harriet & Ed Betzold
Dennis Bobel
Joy Davis
Jerrold Gershone
Kathy and Carl Hopkins
Evan and Gwen Weiner
Carla & John McCellan

SUSTAINING - new or step-up

Michael Anderson
Suzanne Lauer
Bruce and Alison Jarvis
Charles & Laura Miller
Heather McQueen

LIFE - new or step-up

Alan Branhagen
Linda Huhn
Binky & Win Rockwell

Membership information

Membership information for
Joining the Friends
Renewing your membership or
Making a gift membership

Can be found on our Website Membership page.

Information on paying by check or by credit card is found there also.

For changes to your mailing address or email address, please contact Membership Coordinator Christi Bystedt at this email address. or Friends of the Wild Flower Garden, Membership, P.O. Box 3793, Minneapolis, MN55403-0793.

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Robert Ambler
Bob Bowman
Christi Bystedt
Marcy Chamberlain
Rosemary Davis
Valeria Dockter
Wendy Durst
Thea Evans
Julie Honebrink
Kathleen Husting
Pamela Layton
Musich for Parks


Sandy Almquist & Ann Rubin
Nancy Barks
Ivan & Rachel Bialostosky
George Bloom
Brickwedde Levin Family
Chris & Judy Christian
Mary Guzowski & James Lindbeck
David Hartwell
Chris & Anne Hegg
Barbara Hendrickson
Mary Jean Port
Sandra Puckett
Victoria Thompson & Chris Vaughan

SPONSOR - new or step-up

Mary Dolan
Sandra Dowd
Nancy Eicher
Lynn Wallin

LIFE - new or step-up

George Huser & Dale Wiehle.

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