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Volunteer Spotlight

Judy Jones - 2000

Chances are, if you stopped by the Martha Crone Shelter on a Sunday afternoon within the past decade, you would have encountered Judy Jones, who has logged countless hours of volunteer time over many years.

“I started volunteering at the Shelter on Sundays when I was working full time,” Judy says, “and I grew to like it so much that I continued on weekends after I stopped working. “

Asked what she likes best about volunteering, Judy said, “Oh, it’s the kids. They are so enthusiastic and curious. And it’s nice to see them come in with their parents.”

Judy Jones
Judy filling the bird feeders in front of the Martha Crone Shelter, 2001
Judy Jones
Judy on the phone in the Martha Crone Shelter in 1999.

Judy grew up in Morningside and says that she has been coming to the Garden for abut 40 years. “I remember where all of the flowers used to be years ago, and sometimes I have to stop and think about where they are now.”

Judy began volunteering in 1983 and at a volunteer appreciation open house held on the evening of June 7, 1983 at the Martha Crone Shelter, some of those present talked about how they became interested in the Garden. These comments are in the summer 1983 newsletter and here is one about Judy Jones:

Judy Jones remembers coming here about 20 years ago. She picked up a tiny ball of fur near the bird feeder, and heard a voice behind her — caretaker Ken Avery — saying, “Are you a connoisseur of owl pellets”?

Judy continued to volunteer through the 2009 Garden Season. She passed away on October 10, 2011.

Note: Part of this article was by newsletter editor Lisa Locken and was published in the Friends newsletter the Fringed Gentian™ Spring 2000 Vol. 48 #2. Other parts of the text were added by Gary Bebeau.