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What's been going on?
May 2020

An update of some Wildflower Garden and Friends current events

1. Covid-19: Here's what's normal: There would be naturalist programs, birding walks every weekend, and the Garden would be open from 7:30 AM to dusk.
Here's what's happening:

Special Notice

Here's what's happening: Programs are suspended and the Garden shelter, like all MPRB buildings is closed. The Garden has reopened for walking on May 19. Use the MPRB website link below for specific instructions, procedures and hours. Check frequently as these will change based on how things go at the Garden

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board web site

graphic2. Friends Newletter Our Spring newsletter is posted on the top of the home page. It's focus is on climate change.

3. 50th anniversary. This month is the 50th anniversary of the completion of the Martha E. Crone Shelter at Eloise Butler. The dedication was on May 13, 1970. Read some of the background of how the Friends were able to construct this wonderful building. DETAILS

4. What's going on in the Garden - Notes from Curator Susan Wilkins:
With so many adjustments occurring in each and everyone's daily life, I thought that I would provide you with a glimpse into the Garden. I hope that it brings a smile to each of you!

First, the Garden is looking lovely. The radiance of spring is here.

It has been a sad EBWG season in the sense that the Garden is sequestered away from those who find such joy in being a part of spring's unfolding here. On a brighter note, the Garden is looking very beautiful, healthy and vibrant. The snow trillium have flowered and now the bloodroot, trout lilies, hepatica and leatherwood blossoms are the stars of the show. The marsh marigolds are beginning to pop. The tiny clustered tips of tamarack needles are glowing green.

The mother fox and her young are happily living under the bathrooms and office/tool shed, four kits in all. The great horned owl family is living nearby in a very high nest and a pair of mallards, as always, has taken up residence in the wetland garden. There is a sense of "normalcy" here, life unfolding as we have come to expect, so please know that the Garden itself hasn't missed a beat in the dance of spring this season.

We are also pleased that staff have been permitted to be on site and to care for the plant collections in recent weeks, so the Garden is being tended lovingly as it has been for 113 years and counting. In terms of the Garden's formal and informal education programs, we are working away on developing methods and tools to connect with Garden fans in new and meaningful ways.

Much consideration is going into opening the Garden to the public. Rest assured that we are thoughtfully approaching the subject of opening. At the heart of this work is keeping the health of the Garden, visitors, volunteers and staff all in mind. I will look forward to sharing more when it is time to do so.

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