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Plant Funding - 2012

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary.

1. The planting of 152 native canopy and understory trees in the east hardwood forest area of Violet Way. This project was delayed from 2011 due to the extreme dry soil conditions in the fall along with the difficulty of manually watering so many young trees. The Garden staff decided to wait until more moist conditions were on-hand in the spring vs planting in dry conditions and not have the transplants survive the winter. Cost - $2,507

2. A new project approved for funding was the planting of an additional 1600 to 2400 herbaceous woodland plants, wildflowers and ferns, in the area of Violet Way. This continues the restocking of this hardwood forest area where an extensive spread of periwinkle (Vinca minor) has been removed. This planting occurred in the summer with a total 2,850 plants set in representing 23 different species. A small selection of plants scheduled for fall planting was delayed to the spring season due to the dry conditions. Cost - $5,140.

Link on plant name is to plant information sheet

Tree and Shrub species - 152 plants - $2,507
Herbaceous plants - 2,850 plants - $5,140