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New Information Signs - 2009

At the beginning of June three new information signs were installed inside the front gate of the Garden. In 2007 the large old kiosk that contained Garden information was taken down due to deterioration. It was also quite large and not in keeping with the rustic natural setting of the Garden. The new signs are mounted on elevated ground supports and tilted upward so that the viewer can look down at them to read. The sign below is the new Trail Map.. This sign only is duplicated at the back gate to the Garden.

Sign one

A second sign details some of the Garden's history, concentrating on Eloise Butler and containing a time line at the bottom of the sign that covers significant events in the Garden's history up to the present time; events such as the change of curators, the founding of The Friends, the construction of the Martha Crone Shelter, etc.

Sign 2

A third sign details some of the ecology of the Garden with a brief explanation of the Woodland, Bog and Upland and Prairie Gardens. This sign can be rotated by season.

Sign 3
Sign Installation
MPRB employees MaryLynn Pulscher, Susan Wilkins, Richard Guthier and Lauren Borer at start-up of sign installation. (Photo by Don Beimborn)
Signs Installed
MRPB employees Mike Widmer, Kent Ansell and Mark Hallberg with newly installed map, history and seasonal signs at the Garden’s front gate. (Photo by Don Beimborn)