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from the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden
- years ago and present time

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Feb 36 Cabin
The Old Office and newer Shelter - 7 decades apart
1953 Cabin in winter
More Winter Shelter Views- eight decades apart
1935 Cabin
The Site of the Old Garden Office
Hepatica Hill in 1955
Hepatica Hill - Sixty years apart
Bog Path in 1951
Trees and Paths in the Wetland
East path to cabin  1952
East Woodland Path to the Shelter
Bog Pool in 1950
Open Water in the Wetland
Upland Garden 1948
The Entrance to the Upland Garden - 1948 and 2008
Upland Hillside in 1948
Upland Hillside Early Plantings - 60 years ago
Upland Hillside 1948
Upland Central Hillside 60+ years ago

Bog path 1952
Foamflower in the Wetland
Eloise Butler on Bridge
Mallard Pool, Bridges and dams - 8+ decades apart

Historical Views

Unless otherwise noted, these historical views are from photographs and kodachrome slides taken by Garden Curator Martha Crone. After her death in 1989 her daughter Janet, passed the collection to the Friends via Friends member Martha Hellander who was in the process of researching a book about Eloise Butler. The Friends sorted the collection and then for a short time, used them at lectures about the Garden. Dates of images will be noted in the individual files.