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shooting star

Early Summer Flowers and Garden Scenes

The feathery clouds, the woodland breezes, the meadow-lark in belated song and the lazy drone of the wandering bee. thee are the joys of midsummer. The sun is at its highest, the days the longest, enjoy the summer for soon it vanishes like a passing fragrance, but memories will outlast the autumn and winter. Former Curator Martha Crone

Early Summer - June to Mid-July

Flowering plant thumbnails sorted by color:

Early Summer - all colors-
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Photo Samplers

– June Flowers

– Early July Flowers

– Seasonal Mix


Illustrated Articles and plant comparisons

– Daisy Fleabanes

Grass and Sedge thumbnails

– Showy Lady's-slipper

– Wild Roses comparison

– 5 Special Mid-summer Flowers

– Summer wild flowers for a shady garden.


book Garden Plant Photo Identification Booklet


Photo top of page: Shooting Star Dodecatheon meadia. Photos ©G D Bebeau.

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