Friends of the Wild Flower Garden

Winter-time photos from The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

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Front Gate in snow
The Front Gate (Judy Remington)
Front steps in snow
Front steps to the Parking lot (Judy Remington)
Bench in snow
Schaar Memorial Bench (Judy Remington)
West side fence
Path- west boundary fence (Judy Remington)
Back fence in snow
Path - back boundary fence (Judy Remington)
Upland East
East Upland (G D Bebeau)
Winter Vista
West side vista (Judy Remington)
Back gate in snow
The back gate and path(Judy Remington)
Back Gate Fence
Back Gate Fence and Bird Feeder (G D Bebeau)
Fron steps in snow
Front Steps - First Snow 2009 (Phoebe Waugh)
Hemlock Grove
Hemlock Grove inside Back Gate (G D Bebeau)
Crone Shelter in Snow
Martha Crone Shelter (Friends)
Garden Shelter 2017
Martha Crone Shelter (G D Bebeau)
Bridge and dam at Mallard Pool
Dam and Bridge at Mallard Pool (G D Bebeau)
Historical Details

Historical Views

Unless otherwise noted, these historical views are from photographs and kodachrome slides taken by Garden Curator Martha Crone on the dates indicated. They are from her collection of Kodachromes that was given to the Friends by her daughter Janet following Martha's death in 1989.

Christmas 1932
Christmas Day 1932 (photo P.A. Pabody)
Garden Office 1936
Garden Office Feb. 29, 1936
Historical Details Cabin History
Garden Office 1950
Garden Office Feb. 16, 1950
Historical Details
Garden Office 1953
Garden and Office March 9, 1953
Garden Office 1956
Garden Office Feb. 1956
Woodland Bog 1951
Woodland Bog Area Nov. 8, 1951
Historical Details
Winter Cabin
Looking toward Office Feb. 18, 1953
Violet Path
Violet Path Feb. 18, 1953
Entrance Road
Entrance road Jan 27, 1951
Garden Office
Garden Office March 25, 1933 (photo P.A. Pabody)
Across Birch Pond
Birch Pond April 14, 1949
Garden Office
Garden Office April 14, 1949
1936 bird feeding station
The tarvia path with 1924 fences. Photo Lulu May Aler
1936 bird feeding station
The Bird Feeding Station - 1926. Photo Lullu May Aler